The VAPS conference is a unique Ukrainian event that unites producers and installers of video and audio equipment, automation systems, design accessories and related products. For two days, the conference venue becomes a platform for demonstrating audio-visual and information-communication technologies, training, discussions and ideas exchange between representatives of brands and companies, technical specialists and distributors, managers and installers. The format of the event takes as a basis the classical exhibition - each manufacturer can place the space for demonstration of his products at his own discretion, but also can present his technologies in the lecture hall. Not long ago a new component was added to the format of the conference - practical training, and it became possible to attend master classes from leading specialists in the field. Thanks to the unique concept of the event and the creative approach to its organization, the number of visitors and participants is growing rapidly every year, and the conference itself has a friendly and fruitful atmosphere. VAPS not only keeps in touch with regular conference participants, but also attracts more and more new companies - a visit to the conference for specialists was and remains free of charge, subject to preliminary on-line registration.

Topics of the conference unite different directions:

Professional, Hi-Fi and Hi-End audio equipment

• Professional speakers

• Hi-Fi / Hi-End Acoustics

• Systems of warning and scoring of premises

• Headphones

• Wireless equipment

Professional Video Equipment

• Video walls, plasma and LCD panels

• Professional projection systems

• Interactive means of information display

• Software

• Rental of projection and presentation equipment

Home comfort and multimedia systems

• Control systems

• Acoustic systems, multiroom, home theater

• Climate control

• Lighting systems

• Multimedia systems and devices

• Design accessories


Videoconferencing, conference call

Digital Signage Equipment and Solutions

System integration

Fastenings and suspensions

Room automation systems