The purpose of the VAPS conference is to increase the knowledge and awareness of technical specialists of Ukrainian companies, increase the loyalty of installers to brands in the "huge ocean" of market offers, strengthen personal communication between leading technical experts and manufacturers, which in the era of "digital communication" is becoming increasingly important.

The main VAPS missions are:

1. Information. Visitors  receive information about products, innovations, advanced solutions directly from the "first mouth", directly from manufacturers or exclusive distributors.

2. Training. To increase the professionalism of installers, their awareness in the "ocean" of modern solutions and technologies, lectures are held at each conference, some representatives of manufacturers conduct practical training directly at the stands. And also, in view of the need and wishes, there were master classes, where the professionals of their business share their experience and specialized knowledge with visitors.

3. Communication. Manufacturing companies can directly communicate with installers, technical specialists of companies about products and answer their questions.

We are working to bring together representatives of the market of audiovisual products and related products, to give them the opportunity to exchange experiences and conduct constructive dialogues. We are expanding our audience, gradually attracting the attention of new participants: Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers, distributors.