Fireproof. Frost resistant. Procab PCT50SF

The premium products of Prime Belgian company Procab are designed for high-quality signal transmission when switching in extreme conditions. Twisted Pair PCT50SF CAT5e (AWG 24) is part of the RENTAL + product class, that is, it is specially designed for rental organizations and such installations where greater reliability is required, including when using multiple cables.

Procab engineers have taken care of reliable protection against electromagnetic interference, weather conditions, mechanical influences.

For protection against electromagnetic interference, a double screen of tinned copper braid and aluminum foil is used.

Double-layered Duraflex ™ (polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride), prevents mechanical damage and twisting when pulling the cable.

The high throughput of the PCT50SF cable meets the requirements of 1000BASE-TX networks for 1 Gb / s Gigabit Ethernet transmission.

The PCT50SF cable is frost-resistant, complies with IEC60332 - non-combustible, does not emit harmful substances when heated.

Uncomplicated operation and installation conditions maximum protection of the transmitted signal from transformers, power lines and other devices, compliance with fire safety standards, determines the scope of application. PCT50SF is recommended and successfully used when connecting stage equipment, digital mixing consoles, LED video walls.

The cable is marked with meter marks, which is convenient for stationary installations. Delivery on plastic coils of 100 and 300 meters, the price - respectively € 325.83 and € 977.47 per bay.

For this cable, the company offers a special cable reel CDM310. You can also buy the finished product PRX506SF - a coil with wound cable factory trim length of 50 and 90 meters with connectors Neutrik rj45 NE8MC.