VegaCable CABHDMI4K - 4K / 60 Hz at 20 meters!

Vega-Cable is a new name for the Ukrainian AV market. The brand appeared as a result of the fact that there was an awareness of some emptiness in the seemingly saturated supply of cable products, namely, the lack of HDMI cables at a reasonable price, which would support the latest resolutions and image formats of 4Kx2K and HDR images. After an intense search for the manufacturer, which lasted about a year, a reliable partner was chosen whose product quality was at the appropriate level.

As soon as VegaCable CABHDMI4K cable with a length of 20 meters with support for 4K resolution and extended dynamic range of HDR entered the company's warehouse, a decision was made to test for compliance with the declared characteristics. In this we kindly agreed to provide the site and equipment of Home Systems company represented by the director Timofey Gavrilyuk and Filmoscop (Andrey Ogoltsov).

As a source of 4K content, the media player, Filmoskop, acted.

The mapping tool was a 4K Epson projector.

When testing Vega Cable CABHDMI4K 20M instantly picked up the picture and sent it in the best resolution to the projector. The difference in the image compared to the 1.5-meter reference cable of the famous manufacturer was not noticeable. In HDR mode, detailing of small details in dark scenes was at the highest level, just as in bright scenes, the extended dynamic range mode allowed to catch the smallest details and shades of colors.

By the results of testing it was found out that VegaCable CABHDMI4K 20M supports 4k 60 Hz mode, works fine in HDR mode. VegaCable CABHDMI4K showed excellent results, in the HDR mode - detailing of small details in dark scenes was at the highest level.

VegaCable CABHDMI4K 20M fully complies with the B.T. Rec. 2020: The resolution is 3840 x 2160 (4K) pixels. The color depth is 10-bits per channel. Parameters color subsampling 4: 2: 0. The test confirmed the high quality of VegaCable products and dispelled fears of skeptics, and the family of HDMI cables with support for 4K standard BTRec.2020 long VegaCable production lines (which are already successfully installed in installations of the highest level, where greater reliability and humane price is needed), replenished with a new cable length of 20 meters.