Live broadcasts of NBC SPORTS with Dolby Atmos technology based on Harman Professional equipment

Students at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS) in New York City had the opportunity to practice mixing NBC SPORTS audio and video channels in a 42-foot mobile television trailer using Dolby Atmos mixing technology.

"As the production of sports programs continues to evolve, the support of such new technologies as Dolby Atmos is very important in order to offer the audience a product that will be able to compete with sound in theaters," explained Denis Ryan, NBCSN's leading recording specialist, NASCAR, ABC / ESPN Indycar.
Delegated administrator CRAS KIRT Hamm (Kirt Hamm) said: "Our students received material from NBC. Sources included all the audio channels behind the scenes behind the scenes between directors, television teams, producers, engineers and video shooters. Simultaneously, when all the streams were transmitted in the background, our students had the opportunity to try what is broadcasting and to practice mixing sounds, following instructions in the conditions of the chaos of live broadcast. This should help students develop a potential career in the field of audio broadcasting in real life.

42-foot mobile television trailer of the Conservatory of Arts and Sciences of sound recording functions thanks to the equipment:

  • Processor Dolby DP590 Atmos
  • 4 loudspeakers JBL Control 1 Pro
  • Crown CT4150 Amplifier

The JBL Intonato Speaker Control System is a new product that has special features for fine-tuning the sound in the room and is specifically designed for processing in multi-channel formats, including Dolby Atmos®